Backup Internet to ensure that business operations never go down.

Whether you’re a retail store, restaurant or law firm, every business needs a backup Internet connection. From inventory control to managing schedules to point of sale transactions, a fast, reliable, Internet connection is the bloodline of any business.

What is Backup Internet?

Backup internet is a wireless connectivity device that provides an affordable backup option when there is an interruption to your primary internet service. In the event of a service outage, Dialing Innovations' backup internet device will automatically and seamlessly switch over to a wireless connection without disturbing your business systems and operations. Backup internet service is the best solution to ensuring that your business doesn’t lose potential revenue during internet downtime.

  • Minimize the risk of service and workflow interruption
  • Maintain customer satisfaction
  • Avoid revenue loss

Why Dialing Innovations Backup Internet?

Whether you’re a small business or a large fast food chain, an unreliable internet connection can have a huge financial impact on your business. Dialing Innovations backup internet uses the most dependable and reliable carriers with the most trusted and secured networks. The backup internet device uses an agnostic connection, meaning that your back up internet will connect to the network in your area with the fastest speed, lowest latency, and most reliable signal. Dialing Innovations offers a cost-effective backup option so your business internet is always up and running without interruption.

How can Dialing Innovations Backup Internet improve your business?

Not only can you expect the most seamless, reliable, and secured internet connection whenever your primary internet service goes down, but Dialing Innovations backup internet service provides a fast and affordable solution to making your business smarter. We can help improve your business by reducing internet downtime, keeping your data secure at all times, and protecting both your point of sale and phone systems from any kind of interruption. With backup internet service from Dialing Innovations you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your internet technologies are prepared for any circumstances that could lead to loss revenue for your business.

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