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Data Pioneers

Through the year 2020, cloud-based big data technology spending will grow 4.5x faster than on-premise solution spending, according to IDC. Because the growth of data we are seeing in size, accessibility and application, the storage, management and analysis of big data are important now more than ever before.  The proliferation of cloud services has addressed these areas to optimize the ability for businesses to gain insight about their company’s data and performance. Cloud and software services are changing the way businesses work by moving towards the automation of tasks that save hours of time and yield greater productivity. The development of software advancements and technologies is far from stagnant, allowing for innovation to

Keys to SaaS Innovation

The Need for Speed

Network administrators find a balance between corporate mandates for speed and agility with security, eliminating total cost of ownership (TCO), and 24/7 uptime. Although this proved difficult in years past, the emerging technologies in Wireless WAN (WWAN) offer simplified network management and balance between the three. According to IBM, whether your goal is  “mobilizing your employees, embedding intelligence into your products, or connecting your ecosystem of suppliers to real-time information, the ability to design and release ideas with speed is critical.”


Customization starts with the same question, “What is the need of the customer?” Every application is different, and so is every business.  Multi-faceted businesses span a variety of environments and can operate through multiple cloud services via one management system.

Cloud Optimization

The question about Big Data is no longer, “How do we obtain more data?” but rather, “What can we do with it?” In our fast-paced culture where trends rise and fall in days, access to information can allow managers and associates to be in-the-know about the performance of their business and employees (i.e. sales tracking). Corporate offices can examine data in real-time and make changes as needed to fuel success.

Platform as a Service

With applications at the forefront of innovation, many organizations are using Platform as a Service (PaaS) to create and deploy these applications quickly. This removes focus from infrastructure and ensures high availability and scalability when it comes to data processing. PaaS requires no infrastructure or software management, no patching or troubleshooting and time-to-value and autoscaling are instantaneous. This allows companies to have the realization that expertise in deployment and management of hardware and software infrastructure isn’t essential to running their businesses smoothly.

Challenges to Innovation

Since SaaS is relatively new, a major challenge for business and tech companies is working to a standard but also working quickly and with agility. IBM describes the balanced SaaS environment as hard to achieve because in “today’s hyper-fast and highly competitive environment does not wait for innovation, or tolerate less than expected user experiences..” -IBM

Developing new models for operation and governance are proven challenges to innovation too as integration with old technologies to cloud-based technologies occurs. There are financial challenges involved too as increasing the scale of business operations can decrease costs, but it could also lead to diseconomies of scale. (Read more: What Are Economies Of Scale?)

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