Software as a Service – The Popular Choice

SaaS provides convenient and secure access to technologies via the internet. This is becoming an increasingly more popular service for businesses because it provides cost-efficient, highly adaptable and accessible software. SaaS is changing the way we operate businesses and distribute software. Game-changing software services offer more benefits than any traditionally acquired solutions. It is becoming clear to many industries that these are low cost and low maintenance solutions on demand that businesses of different variations and sizes can use with minimal investment.

  • 3-way Cost Efficiency: There are no up-front costs; instead SaaS distribution models operate on a subscription basis. No need to invest in IT infrastructures to accommodate the new solution. Software service providers maintain IT infrastructures as well as the people needed to operate the software on the provider’s end. SaaS operates via subscription, no special IT infrastructure, and additional manpower brings more savings to clients than traditionally acquired solutions.
  • Low Maintenance Required: Upgrading a solution and updating existing SaaS is done via the cloud and is usually the responsibility of service providers. There’s no need to download and install updates and upgrades. Service providers also maintain the availability of software, making it easier for clients to adjust as their user base expands or contracts and eliminates the need to invest in additional hardware or software.
  • Flexibility: Smoother integration as SaaS providers’ multi-client architectures can scale up and down on demand by clients. They also provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of customers. Many providers also offer an Application Program Interface to let customers’ incorporate the solutions with pre-existing Enterprise Resource Planning or other productivity systems.
  • Accessibility: SaaS solutions’ availability is versatile, from computers to other devices such as notepads and smartphones. These are accessible anywhere and at any time. People’s familiarity with the Internet makes solutions easier to find and adapt to the software interface.
  • Scalability: SaaS providers can support multiple clients with only one version of their services with a multi-tenant architecture that allows for businesses to grow without the need to add or replace their existing IT infrastructure and hardware.

Upscaling and downscaling the scope of services is also easy and efficient. Clients only pay for the services used so this saves both money and time. In the long run, the IT budget is kept consistent and lower than on-premise software. SaaS simplifies operations at less investment and cost.

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