Added Features vs. Target Solutions Software

There are many factors to take into consideration when making a decision on the best software solution that fits your business needs. These include your business processes, your budget, ROI, the functionality of the software and so on.

Even if a particular software with an added features solution is given to you free of charge, it is worthless if it cannot address your business challenges. Also, businesses should not focus on all of the added features to a system because it is highly unlikely that such features would be put into use. Instead, focus should be placed on features that are directly applicable to their business operations. Moreover, in the long run, it could cost such business in terms of the need to retrain staff, change your business processes in order to adapt to the software, and so on.

Added Features Software Solutions
Added features solutions can be termed as software solutions targeted toward a large audience to address specific business needs. These software solutions are aimed at a large market audience vs. a specific company or industry.

Mostly, the added features of the software tend to be more generic and complex, which may possibly be feature-rich but contain a lot of things that would not be used by your company. While it seems like a good idea to have software solutions with a robust set of features, it ends up being overwhelming because the customer is paying for things they don’t need or use.

Though “cost” itself is somewhat superficial; the initial cost of purchase is just one of the possible price considerations for software with added features. This is because upgrades, cost of training staff, hosting or licensing fees, software support, and installation licenses can all influence the inflation of budget needs to considerably higher levels. Eventually, a low entry purchase becomes the most costly solution, exceeding the costs of target solutions without any of the advantages.

Also, most added features solutions may not be a perfect fit for your business. The fact that your processes may require adjustments as well as retraining staff so as to adapt to the software is one of the hidden costs. Then there’s the likelihood that the process and functionality of the software itself will not match your business strategy.

Target Solutions
On the other hand, target solutions software is developed as a completely integrated solution that fits your business processes perfectly and gives you the desired functionality. Although they usually require an upfront cost, the overall costs are lower and ensure the greatest ROI. It will also cause the least or minimal interruptions to your business model. As long as the likely risks are known to you and you are well able to navigate them, it is oftentimes the best solution.

An added features solution may work for your business operations today, however, it cannot be modified easily and is not designed to accommodate any future changes to your business model. Also, if the cost of developing a target solution software is initially on the high side, you can start small and increase functionality with time. This would help to distribute cost but get you the total functionality sooner.

Having target solutions software will eliminate the need for heavy retraining of staff or constantly adjusting your usual work processes. This will help you save time and money.
In addition, you will have an edge over your competitors, because your custom software is aligned with your processes while simultaneously enhancing customer experience and satisfaction.
In general, it is important to understand your business’s needs, evaluate your options and how they will impact on the process flow of your business and ensure that the solution is a good fit.

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