The Cloud and Your Business

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The Cloud and How it Affects Your Business

The cloud is a widespread name among many people and businesses, but very few have a precise definition of what it is. What is the cloud? What is cloud computing? When do you interact with cloud computing? What are the benefits of using the cloud in your business? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to fully utilize the cloud in your business.

Did you ever know that when you are using social media to interact online or any online data storage, that you are using the cloud? Well, you may not realize it, but the cloud is used in almost every online activity you carry out.

This blog will enlighten you on what the cloud is and what it can do for your business as an entrepreneur or a large corporate organization. It is one of the best tech evolutions that will lighten the work involved in your business once you realize its potential.

What is the cloud?

For you to have a clear understanding of what the cloud is, you should first know that it’s not a tangible thing! Rather, it’s a network of servers with each server having its own unique function. Some servers use processing power to run applications while other servers perform specific actions to deliver services. A good example is Adobe, which moved all its services to the cloud. People interested in Adobe Creative services no longer need to download the software. All they need is an internet connection and login details to access Adobe services from the cloud. Just as defined earlier, other servers in the Adobe network are responsible for storing your creative work in the Adobe realm.

A good example of cloud usage is when you take a photo with your smartphone. The photo is stored on your smartphone. However, when you upload this photo to Facebook or Instagram, you are uploading it to the cloud.

So, now you should be able to define what the cloud is. Some servers provide online services like Adobe does while others offer storage without using your device’s storage like Instagram.

What will you get by utilizing the cloud in your business?

Now that we know what the cloud is and what it does let’s look into the benefits that one can get by working in the cloud. Moving to the cloud as a business will save you a lot financially. With the cloud, you don’t have to buy expensive hardware and software nor employ an expensive IT staff to run your business; all you need is to pay a small monthly fee to access all the IT services you need for your business. This model enables enterprises to scale up or down as they require.

Working in the cloud as a business is efficient and cost-effective. If you need more resources as you expand your business, you can quickly and easily scale up in the cloud. Same goes for when you need to downscale your resources.

Listed below are some of the benefits you will get with cloud computing.

  • Business continuity – Power failures or other crises like natural disasters will not affect your data since it’s stored in the cloud.
  • Collaboration efficiency – Collaborating in a cloud environment gives your business the ability to communicate and share more efficiently with other businesses and customers.
  • Flexibility of work practices – It ensures that you or your employees can access your data from any location.
  • Access to automatic updates – Your business will always be equipped with the latest technology thus ensuring your business efficiency is always at its optimum.

The cloud is here and it’s revolutionizing how we work and conduct businesses. It’s the perfect time for you to jump in.

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