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How to submit a great IT ticket – The Customer’s Responsibility

You may have encountered or have heard about submitting an IT ticket when you need something fixed on your computer. But do you really know how to submit an IT ticket properly in order for the IT personnel to address your concern accordingly? Below are some of the key points that you should consider when submitting an IT ticket:

Prior to submitting a ticket, take note of the following:

  • Ask your colleagues if the issue you are experiencing is unique to you or if they are experiencing similar problems. Maybe someone else has resolved the same issue.
  • Do some research online. Look around for articles or forums on how to solve the issue you are experiencing.
  • Try to close and re-open the application that is having the issue.
  • Try to reboot the device you are using for work.

If none of the above items resolve the issue, it is now time to submit an IT ticket. Here are some of the items that make up an effective IT ticket:

  • Ensure your concern is properly categorized. In most cases, it can be helpful to take on the perspective of a helpdesk agent when submitting an IT ticket. One good way to do this is to categorize the issue correctly, in order for the helpdesk to act appropriately. Some of the categories are as follows:
    • General Support
    • Hardware Requests
    • Office Requests
    • Salesforce Requests
    • SWAG Requests
  • Flag your requests by way of prioritization. We all want our own IT issues resolved as soon as possible, but the helpdesk is only one area catering to an entire organization. Some cases will be prioritized above others. In such cases, it is effective to brand your requests in line with the impact that it will have if not resolved quickly. Some examples of priority classes are as follows:
    • Low – has low impact on work, acceptable to be resolved within a week or so.
    • Normal – can have minimal impact on work; should be addressed within two days.
    • High – has a significant impact on work, which could mean you or one of your colleagues, cannot work if the issue is not resolved. This should be addressed within hours.
    • Urgent – affects more than one individual or team’s work; should be addressed as soon as possible.
  • Place a proper subject line in accordance with your concern. The subject line is important information and is used to categorize the type of concern you need addressed. It is essential to have the subject line as detailed and as relevant as possible in order for the helpdesk to help you accordingly. For example, if you put “need password reset” on the subject line for your IT ticket, the helpdesk will automatically get confused on which application or server you need the password to be reset. A good practice is to include the application, device or server name when submitting an IT ticket.

An IT ticket can have varying severity and relevance. It is a good to be concise, detailed and as informative as possible. After all, a helpdesk ticket is not a judge, but rather a helper, there to address your concerns.

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