It Support Tickets – The Technician’s Responsibilities

The Technician’s Responsibilities

There are support tickets that most people refrain from touching simply because they are too difficult. Oftentimes, stray tickets are bounced from one department to the other and easily get in the way where proper resolution times are concerned. This results in ticket handlers getting swamped with increasing support ticket numbers. This makes clients angry because their cases are not resolved.

The only way to avoid this is to get organized. The following points will help enable you to approach every support ticket in an efficient manner, speeding up your resolution times and responses. They include:

Responding to every support ticket quickly

Your first response should be kept under 30 minutes. This response should be in regards to whether you have an immediate solution or not. This assures the customer that you are taking steps to address their problems. Clients are usually faced with a wide array of problems, from a credit card that has been incorrectly billed to an order mistake. This is usually an inconvenience for them and the more time that goes by without your response, the more frustrated they become. Letting clients know that you are working on their tickets, gives them a sense of relief and resolution.

You should not bounce support tickets between departments

Bouncing support tickets from one department to the other prevents tickets from being resolved quickly. Working as a team is the only way to ensure that a resolution is found quickly. The support staff should ensure that they fine-tune their strategy to ensure that the technical department requires more data for the purposes of solving a case and they get to assign tickets only once.

Pay attention to ticket statuses

Tickets that have been badly assigned often get lost and customers do not get their answers. It is important to choose the right status where support tickets are concerned since this is crucial to getting successful ticket resolutions. An example of this is when you are sending an order to a customer. If you use the wrong address, the package will not reach the intended customer. Support ticket statuses should be as follows:

Open. These need answering and should be done as soon as possible. If you reply to the customer by letting them know that their case is in the process of being handled, the status should be left as Open.

Solved. If you reply with a solution that closes the case, then the support ticket should be marked as Solved.

Pending. Tickets that are labelled Pending are those that require more information and may require you to wait for a reply. In the event that a customer does not reply for an extended period of time, it is a good idea to send them a reminder to be sure they got it.

Making your responses simple

Responses should be easy to understand since this will ensure that the case gets resolved more quickly. It is important to clearly outline what the customer should do next when replying to them.

Handling old cases first

It is important to always handle old cases first since these customers have waited longest. It does not matter if you are capable of handling new tickets in under an hour. It is important to respect the person who created the ticket weeks ago and is waiting for a response. This is great customer care.

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