Choosing the Right Dialer for Your Business

Telemarketing is alive and kicking. It is still a vital component of every marketing campaign. All you need are the right tools to match your strategy and business. A dialer is an important component of your telemarketing campaign. It is your tool to approach and create an effective and high yielding relationship with customers. Picking the right dialer means choosing one that completes your call center set-up and suits your business. There are two kinds of dialers, manual and auto dialers. Manual dialers let the agent input the phone number to dial. Auto dialers are dialers that are preprogrammed by a software to choose the customer numbers to call and automatically call the customers. They are programmed to choose according to the demographics, time zone and other information you have on hand about your target customers.

Auto dialers are basically software programs that do the task of dialing numbers and leaving phone messages for your agent. As software developments within call center needs progress, auto dialers can carry on other tasks as well. There are 3 types of auto dialers available depending on your telemarketing needs: predictive, progressive, and preview.

  1. Predictive dialers dial customers’ phone numbers in a set at a time and connect the operator/agent to answered calls. They utilize an algorithm to hasten or slow down the dialing rate to suit the operator’s talk time and lessen drop rates. They are effective in reaching more prospects in the least possible time. Predictive dialers are ideal for campaigns, telemarketing and political.
  2. Progressive dialers dial prospects’ numbers one at a time, connect the answered call to the agent, and wait for the agent to finish the call before dialing a new one. Progressive dialers take their cue from the agent’s call duration. This allows for a more personal approach to telemarketing and fruitful connection between operators and prospective customers.
  3. Preview dialers allow agents to preview customer information/details and product data before dialing. They enhance cold calls by making sure agents are prepared before conversing with prospects or previous customers. Preview dialers are ideal for small-telemarketing call centers.

Now that you are aware of your 3 options for auto dialers, here are some tips for picking the right dialer that will suit your operation, size, and campaign strategy:

  • Decide on the features you want in an auto dialer. List the attributes you need to help you and your team become efficient – features that enhance your services as agents make their calls, such as list and campaign management, speech recognition or text to speech. These attributes may help your team to be effective, stable, and help the business grow.
  • In choosing a dialer, size matters. Choose a dialer that’s comparable to the size of your business. If you are a largescale enterprise with a huge customer base, an auto dialer, such as a predictive dialer that reaches more customers in less time, may suit you. And if you are a small to medium scale company with a small customer base and small telemarketing team you might have the objective of giving a more person-oriented service meaning preview or progressive dialers might suit you more.
  • Choose a dialer that’s compatible with your current operating system. This is sometimes overlooked by the fact that dialers come with different kinds of bells and whistles that will get you excited. But the reality is you have to combine dialer systems with your current operating system to sync with your customer base data, product details and records pertinent to your telemarketing efforts. If these aren’t compatible, it may cost you more in time and money to get it right. There should be a streamline of data flowing from your operating system to the dialers to make each call effective.
  • Find a dialer that’s easy to operate and learn. The point of getting a dialer is to save on time and enhance the calls of your agents to increase sales. If it’s too complicated and takes time to fully discern and operate efficiently then it ruins its number one purpose.

Remember, dialers are tools to save on time. Help your agents become more efficient and productive to increase sales. Choose a dialer that suits your enterprise in all aspects of your telemarketing campaign and your over-all business strategy.

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