Benefits of Caller ID Mapping

Local push or Caller ID mapping is a telemarketing campaign tool to achieve local presence. Basically, local numbers are assigned to your team and these phone numbers appear when you call a number in your target telemarketing location. Local push is useful for call centers for campaigns and retention. Having a local push solution in your campaign increases the chances of your call being answered by 40%.

Consumer behavior leans toward the familiar and getting a call from a local area number projects a familiarity that consumers tend to trust. When a customer sees a local number instead of a 3-digit number starting with 8 then they are more compelled to answer the call. It has been reported that when telemarketers use a toll number, the chance of it being answered is around 18%, but if the number used is a local number the success rate of it being answered by the target market increases by 30 to 40%. For telemarketers and call centers, this is a big break through to penetrate their target market.

Here is how Local Push works:

  • Once you’ve signed up for a local push program, your program provider will assign you local Caller ID telephone numbers in any area code. These numbers are matched with corresponding display names.
  • Your part is to set up the calling equipment to push the local phone numbers as a telemarketing tool or campaign Caller ID.
  • If call-backs are made into the assigned local numbers, these are forwarded back to you via a toll-free number or through Session Initiation Protocol (SIP).
  • Local Push providers ensure seamless calls to customers, as well as callbacks. Because calls are local and familiar, particularly when the name is displayed in prospective client Caller ID system, call answered rate increases and local presence established.

The utility of Internet telephony has ruled out the use of telephone carriers. One reason is they charge too many fees, in addition to metering calls. Internet telephony and VoIP changed all that and enabled companies to save in their telemarketing efforts and still get the results they want. Using Local Push has enhanced results by assigning local telephone numbers to campaign calls, making customers comfortable in answering calls. Caller ID mapping service providers group all area codes to provide local presence to clients and secure caller ID compliance.

Caller ID Compliance protects call recipients from dubious and fraudulent acts by putting misleading or false information in a Caller ID system with the intention of deceiving and swindling victims. Be Caller ID compliant by ensuring the customer understands who is calling – the name of the person displayed in their phone, the number used in calling can be verified and called back during business hours and more importantly, customers can make a Do Not Call request if they want to. It all boils down to your intention in calling and the way you present the products and services you are offering.

Local push is important in penetrating the target market, to establish your company’s local presence in a specific area. In telemarketing there are 3 stages of success: answered call, delivery of sales pitch, and making the sale. Local push is a tool to make the first stage be a success. And when the call is answered; this leads to the two other stages. Without the first stage; the other two stages are not possible.

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