Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Most business owners think of Cloud services as ways to lift their IT burdens on software and hardware infrastructures, management, security and maintenance. No doubt, Cloud services have made businesses’ IT and operations a lot easier and less costly. But like people, no two Cloud services are alike. It is more than looking into standards of services but rather involves studying each Cloud technology operation. There are two types of Clouds: Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS; and Desktop as a Service. Business owners and executives should know and understand the difference between the two; including efficiency in savings from the cost of implementing Cloud services and expected results.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service is also known as private cloud. Basically, your whole IT infrastructure, the enterprise’s in-premise network, is moved from being a physical networking system to a virtual one – remade in the provider’s data center with the utilization of appropriated virtual servers. You get the same networking power as you would an in-premise infrastructure. You can connect to your virtual network through the Internet. It has the benefit of being scalable and agile depending on your needs. Choose an IaaS provider that will outperform your in-premise network in terms of speed in computing and servicing clients and guarantees virtually no downtime and security. Here are major advantages of IaaS:

  • The biggest and most important IaaS advantage is cost savings on hardware and infrastructure investment as well as in IT and administrative employment. You are no longer responsible for maintaining and purchasing system hardware and equipment. Sudden increase in capacity or system upgrade is not a problem as your IaaS provider is ready for such events and takes care of increases in capacity without the need to invest in any software or hardware. You also save on IT employment costs. The need for on-premise IT staff is reduced to simply maintaining network desktops.
  • Another cost saving advantage of IaaS is the payment scheme. You only pay for the services/capacity you’ve utilized. You don’t have to pay fixed monthly or yearly fees on services/benefits that you don’t use.
  • In an IaaS environment you are able to scale up and down at your enterprise’s convenience and client demands. It also gives you the advantage of increased speed in delivering products/services to your clients. IaaS keeps you agile as increase or decrease in demand for your products/services occur.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

Desktop as a Service or DaaS is the type of Cloud service that allows an enterprise’s desktops to move from physical to virtual ones. Desktop applications and infrastructures are managed on the Cloud. This allows for access to anything – data or applications in the desktops – anywhere at any time, on any device and operating system. It reduces expenses on investing in desktop hardware and infrastructure and more importantly, increases employee productivity as they are able to work anytime and from anywhere. Just like IaaS, it is both scalable and agile to meet the demands of the business and its clients. Here are the major advantages of DaaS:

  • DaaS is cost efficient as it reduces the need for hardware investment and maintenance. Hardware investment falls into two categories, the purchase of the desktop and upgrading to meet software standards. In both categories, DaaS reduces the need to purchase new desktops, maintenance and upgrading. This also significantly lowers the cost on energy consumption as DaaS allows for operating the virtual desktops on any given device, anywhere and at anytime.
  • Traditional desktops are vulnerable to damages from events such as disasters, man-made or natural. Thus, any data stored in these desktops can easily be destroyed and deemed irretrievable. In a DaaS environment, you are ensured of data safety, as these are securely stored in remote locations.
  • Access to files from desktops becomes more versatile. Employees can use any mobile gadgets such as smartphones, iPad and tablets, laptops and secure desktops. Mobility has become a game changer as businesses become more globally oriented. DaaS makes it possible for business owners, executives and employees to access their files anywhere, on any device and operating system.
  • Cloud services are not created equal for the reason that each business has different system network needs. Choose the Cloud service that can enhance the performance of your business and save you both time and money.

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