Eliminate response delays & call reluctance with intelligent contact forms!

Intelligent contact forms are Internet submission forms that allow prospective customers to submit their information to a database if they desire to be contacted by a sales representative or agent. Using hot call transfer, a mechanism enabling call relocation automatically connects a representative to the prospect via telephone while the prospect listens to a brief recorded voice message (IVR).

How can intelligent contact form improve your business?

We understand speed is the key to improving call center sales. We prides ourselves on our instantaneous contact process. The programs we have developed allow your call center to be the fastest responder to your customer’s inquiries. We possess credibility with our clients through elimination of a common sales obstacle— missed connections with prospects. Through immediate contact when a prospect searches your product or service, we can guarantee your company will close more deals.

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Our four-step process is simple:

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Product Features:

  • Online form to representative contact occurs in under 3 seconds
  • Instantaneous email and texting outreach
  • CRM in real time
  • Local routing for increased contact

Why should we choose Dialing Innovations?

Dialing Innovations will modernize your call center process to ensure that every lead and potential customer receive the communication they are looking for. With cost-effectiveness in mind, our product will better facilitate conversations between prospective customers and call agents to grow your business.