Financing and Leasing

Dialing Innovations has partnered with Direct Capital to provide you with affordable financing options designed to fit your needs.

Direct Capital is a national lender committed to your company's success. Their goal is to help companies like yours drive revenue and profits with service that no other business in their industry can deliver. When you finance with Direct Capital, you get an account team that is passionately focused on your business growth and dedicated to serving all of your financing needs.

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Advantages of Leasing:

100% Financing

  • Total system financing including setup and installation spread over the lease term

Technology Obsolescence

  • Don't want to own a depreciating asset
  • Easier to do upgrades and add-ons in the future

Credit Line Protection

  • Expands credit line availability
  • Preserves existing bank credit lines

Ease Budget Constraints

  • Solution or option to "no budget" objections
  • Requires only small monthly payment

Cash Flow Improvement

  • Benefit from savings of solution immediately, instead of over time
  • Cost savings can be utilized to pay monthly lease payment
  • Immediate ROI

Hedge Against Inflation

  • Aggressive, fixed-rate pricing protects against inflation and allows you to acquire equipment today with tomorrow's dollars

Tax Advantages

  • Certain lease structures allow monthly payments to be treated as tax deductible operating expenses


  • Leasing is easy and convenient. Documentation is minimal, payments are simple to budget, and all billing may be consolidated into a single monthly invoice
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