Private Branch Exchange and Hosted Phone Systems

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a telephone network used in private companies or organizations. A PBX phone system allows users to communicate within their network and with the outside world through channels like Voice Over IP (VOIP). VOIP converts ordinary telephone audio into a digital format and transmits the conversion via the Internet. It also converts incoming digital signals from the Internet to standard telephone audio. Read More

Although PBX is standard in most phone systems, many companies differ in their selection of hosted phone systems versus on-premise phone systems. In hosted systems, the service provider is responsible for the VOIP-PBX required technology and hardware. An on-premise system is housed in one location, such as a computer equipment room or utility closet, and the owner is responsible for system maintenance. At Dialing Innovations, we believe in the benefits of a hosted phone system.

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Dialing Innovations Phone Systems
Dialing Innovations Phone Systems

Our Solution Dialing Innovations offers a hosted system /span>

that is 98% more cost effective than purchasing an on premise phone system. Save money on initial equipment costs and set-up and let us take the burden of maintenance costs of the VOIP-PBX hardware. With Dialing Innovations we offer over 250 phone system features that are included in your package free of charge. Unlike large companies who convince you to buy unnecessary services, we only charge you for the services you use. We’ll even take care of any upgrades and server maintenance.

Remote Users

Dialing Innovation's PBX supports the ability to add remote users. A remote user is an employee who works outside of the office walls to experience the same capabilities of an in-office user. A simple configuration will allow remote users to connect to the Dialing Innovations PBX system located at the central office. Remote users allow an individual to work from anywhere in the world and calls can be placed and received just as if they were sitting at a desk in the office. This is extremely useful for companies who have employees who work from home, employees who travel often, and companies with employees working in another city or country.

Multiple Offices

If your business has multiple offices with several employees in each office, Dialing Innovations will implement a multiple PBX system configured to work together flawlessly. Whether separated by several floors in one building or by geographical location, every Dialing Innovations' PBX feature can work between your offices. Let your company benefit from interdepartmental conference calls, call transfers from one office to another, and free interdepartmental calls.

More Features

Caller ID

Dialing Innovation's PBX extensions are programmed to display a certain Caller ID when making outgoing calls. This is perfect for department-specific numbers or if an individual wishes for their direct number to appear on outgoing calls.

Call Transfer

Transfer calls between users, to a voice-mailbox, an external number and other destinations. Blind Transfers connect two calls immediately. Attended Transfers connect the person making the transfer with the intended recipient to inform the recipient who is on the line before the transfer occurs.

Call Parking

Call parking enables a call to be placed in a call parking lot with an assigned number. A parked call is held in a virtual parking lot to be picked up by any user within the system. In the lot, the on-hold user will hear music or a recorded message. Calls are assigned specific parking lot numbers upon transfer and can be answered simply by dialing the number. Receptionists contact the intended recipient with the proper access code.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to another extension, phone number (even a cell phone), voice recording or another office in a different city with this feature! Perfect for agents on vacation, leaves of absence or currently working on a different assignment.

Call Recording

This feature enables a user to record the phone conversation through their phone. Call recording is customizable to always record, never record, or record strictly on an on-demand basis for training and/or quality assurance purposes.

Call Reporting

Dialing Innovations gives you the ability to digitally view all phone calls in a graphical interface. Filter calls by date, extension, user or duration and calculate those totals within the filter settings.


Create hundreds of voicemail boxes with ease to allow your customers to leave messages on your network.

Voicemail to Email

Never lose track of voicemail again. With this feature, send automatic transcribed copies of voicemails directly to a user’s email address

Follow Me

Our PBX User Panel’s feature known as “Follow Me” can redirect calls to alternate extensions or external mobile or landline numbers. When the ring duration threshold (e.g. longer than 15 minutes) expires, the call will be redirected and can be accepted or rejected without the caller’s knowledge. A rejection will ultimately send the call to the original extension's voicemail, other extensions, IVRs, call queues and more. Contact a Dialing Innovations representative for more details.

VMX Locater

The VMX (Virtual Machine eXtension) locator allows for advanced control of a user's voicemail system. It features the opportunity to give your callers alternatives rather than to simply leave a recorded message. The locator can even work with 'unavailable' and/or 'busy' voicemails. Say a caller reaches your voicemail and receives various options: (1) call your mobile, (2) contact the Vancouver office, (0) contact the receptionist, or wait to leave a message. Your callers will be assured that they will reach the correct destination.


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) plays an automated message to incoming callers specifying available options to reach their desired party. Once the caller chooses an option, the call can be routed. IVRs are efficient tools for any business environment and help to reduce the amount of time your callers will unnecessarily spend on the phone. Route your calls efficiently and help your employees maximize their work productivity.

Do Not Disturb

This feature allows users to automatically reject calls. This is perfect for employee breaks and those involved in specific tasks where they are unable to take calls at that time. The set up is easy and can be done on the user’s phone.

Call Queues

Call Queue is an automated feature that places callers in an on-hold system of priority so that the caller with the highest priority is answered before a caller with a lower one. With this feature, users are able to log in and out of queues. Custom configurations are available.

Music On Hold

Customize music played to callers on hold or present the callers with a custom recorded message describing the potential nature of the call. Companies can record messages to play to callers informing them of current promotions the company is offering.

Office Hours

Route calls differently based on the time, week or month in cases such as after business hours, during weekends, holidays, etc. Communicate with callers that your business is currently closed and provide them with a time to call back or how to record a message for the receptionist or specific party.

Call Screening

Block certain numbers from calling into the phone system to prevent unwanted solicitation, harassment and/or abuse, incessant telemarketing schemes and more.

Instant Call Control

In certain scenarios, customers require the ability to redirect the flow of calls on their business phone line. Incoming and outgoing numbers can change and be redirected in a customizable fashion to an IVR or voicemail box should the business have a unexpected situation where it is needed.

Ring Groups

Dialing Innovations' PBX is capable of grouping extensions into a single dialed extension. Sales agents with extensions 220, 221, 222 and 223 can be grouped to call all phones simultaneously if any of the extensions are dialed. Configurations for ring strategy, max ring time, announcement, music and more are available.

Conference Rooms

The conference room feature of your Dialing Innovations' PBX creates a meeting room whereby users (both internally and externally) can talk to one another. Moderation of a conference room can be completed by an admin user and protected with a password or a party entering a numerical code can access the conference room externally.

Phone Directory

Accessible externally and internally, the directory directs callers to enter the first three letters of a user’s first or last name. The directory will search and match that user's name for verification.

Intercom & Paging

An intercom is a great feature to have in an environment where messages need to quickly be relayed to users across distances or offices. Paging/Intercom allows users to contact each other directly and immediately through the speakerphone (intercom and paging are automatically answered). Intercom allows one user to contact another user (or users in a ring group) instantly and allows all parties to speak and listen to each other. Paging allows one user to contact a group of users simultaneously with a one-way audio signal so only the paging user can speak.

Note: Intercom and paging may not work on certain phones. Intercom and paging are not available on the Dialing Innovations PBX phone system.

Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

Green and Red lights help users indicate the status of important phone system features such as:

  • In-use extensions
  • Speed-dial when key is pressed
  • Parked calls
  • Call flow control

Call Spy

This executive feature allows a person to listen in on calls within the network without the user who made or received the call to be aware of an additional listener.

Direct Inward System Access (DISA)

With DISA, you can allow your employees to connect to the business phone on a mobile phone or landline to check their voicemail, place calls, dial extensions and more. It works by dialing your regular business number or special feature number then prompts the user to enter their individual PIN code. They will have the same access to their phone as they would if they were sitting at their desk. They could call clients on their mobile device but appear in Caller ID as if they were in the office. They can even use the phone system's long distance service without worrying about mobile service fees. DISA can work like a calling card for your employees.


A browser application screen on a user’s phone can function just as a web-browser would, with a few limitations. It can connect to the Internet to provide users with customizable information like weather, traffic, finance, world news and more. Depending on the user’s needs a variety of applications can be applied.


Record audio from a phone and send it via email to be listened to later. It is a useful feature for meetings, legal proceedings and more.