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  • Drop your recording into the window
  • Ask the Agent to transcribe and grade your call
  • The more detailed the question the better the grading will be

The QA Agent is an innovative tool designed to streamline and enhance the quality assurance process for call centers. With its advanced features and benefits, this tool is a game-changer for call center operations.

Key Features

  • Transcribe Calls: The QA Agent transcribes calls, making it easier to review and analyze customer interactions.
  • Call Grade Calls: Automatically grades calls based on predefined criteria, ensuring consistent evaluation.
  • Check for Compliance Statements: Identifies compliance statements during calls, helping to ensure regulatory requirements are met.
  • Agent Effectiveness on Call: Evaluates agent performance on calls, providing valuable insights for training and improvement.
  • Metrics Tracking: Tracks and analyzes various metrics such as call duration, customer satisfaction, and call outcomes.


  • Reduced Labor Cost: By automating the quality assurance process, the QA Agent helps reduce the need for manual review and evaluation, leading to cost savings.
  • Speed of Training: Provides real-time feedback and insights, allowing for quick identification of training needs and areas for improvement.
  • Near Real-time Compliance Checking: Ensures compliance with regulations and company policies by identifying issues during calls in near real-time.
  • Enhanced Performance Monitoring: Enables managers to track agent performance metrics and identify trends for continuous improvement.

Target Audience

The QA Agent is ideal for call centers, customer service departments, and organizations that value efficiency, compliance, and continuous improvement in their customer interactions. It is especially beneficial for companies looking to optimize their quality assurance processes and enhance agent performance.

Empower your call center operations with the QA Agent and revolutionize the way you monitor, evaluate, and improve customer interactions. Experience the benefits of enhanced efficiency, compliance, and performance monitoring today!

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